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martes, 19 de marzo de 2013

Pope Francisco supported the search for truth and justice of the Armenian Genocide

(Buenos Aires) Francis Pope supported the verdict of the Argentinean federal justice in April 2011, which held responsible the Turkish state for planning, execution and denial of the Armenian genocide.

The complaint was initiated by an Argentine citizen of Armenian descent, Gregorio Hairabedian. Hairabedian , and his daughter Luisa, had the support of the most important institutions of the Armenian community of Buenos Aires, led by Luisa Hairabedian Foundation, culminating in a landmark judgment, which judicially declared only once in history, "the truth of the Armenian genocide and Turkey's responsibility in its execution."
Among the many supporting letters received, we highlight the current Pope´s Francisco, at that time Archbishop of Buenos Aires Jorge Bergoglio, to the Archbishop of the Armenian Church Archbishop Kissag Mouradian. Cardinal Bergoglio strongly supported the investigation and called on Turkey to recognize its responsibility on the Armenian genocide. In an extract of letter sent by the Cardinal Bergoglio, to the Archbishop Kissag Mouradian, the Argentinean Cardinal claimed:
"You can be sure I will accompany spiritually valuing the importance of that court whose reading will reveal publicly the legal and abominable crime of genocide that the Turkish state committed against the Armenian people between 1915 and 1923",
This definition is in the context of other statements from Cardinal Bergoglio in which he expressed his solidarity with the search for justice and peace of mind of the Armenian people.

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